Super Quick Tips For Your Best Self(ie)

Pick One
1) Choose just one feature to highlight, don’t go overboard with eyes, lips and cheeks like a before blended clown contour (I know you’ve seen it on Instagram and wanted to try it.)
By choosing just one feature you won’t overwhelm you face, or the photo. Try a bold lip, heavy Cara Delevinge brows, cut crease or perhaps go heavy on illuminator but remember to only choose one.

Super Quick Tips For Your Best Self(ie)

Lighting and Filters
2) The most amazing photo can be rendered unusable by subpar lighting so make sure you’re well lit.

That’s not lighting from behind, natural if you can, so no to fluorescents and know what colouring works with your skin tone (are you a warm or cool toned kind of lady?)

Whether you’re uploading straight to Instagram or cross posting to Facebook, make sure you’re generally using the same filter or a filter with the same tone. If using Afterlight or other editing apps like Facetune, go with what is known to work. It’s commonly said that on Afterlight, “Coral” is the filter of choice, adding a slight brightness and vintage feel to your snap.

Keep it Matte and SPF free
3) Kind of a no-brainer yet it has to be noted that when taking selfies you don’t want to look like sweat is dripping off you like Kristen Wiig in that famous scene.

Super Quick Tips For Your Best Self(ie)

Keep oil under wraps with a matte foundation and powder. Another culprit of flashback which I’m sure you know of already is SPF. The titanium or zinc oxide is known to show up on flash photography and cause a white cast, leading to unflattering photos of you. There are however brands with spf and no white cast bounceback which we will be covering soon as summer heats up.

Negative Space
4) With a selfie, using negative space is a using the space around you to draw attention to your object, in this case -yourself. For example having a clean background to stand/lay/sit in front of for your photo will help you stand out more and will enable you to utilise the area so that you are the sole focus. A clean layout with just you in the picture will draw the audience’s eye to every detail and not distract them into the background, enabling you to have more control over what they put focus on.

Super Quick Tips For Your Best Self(ie)

Have a Purpose
5) Lastly, it’s important to have a purpose. Are you posting a selfie for postings sake? Or are you showing off your newest look on a client? Your newest lipstick? A night out makeup style? Having a purpose sees “likes” skyrocket as for reasons still unknown the trend is that people are more likely to like

something if there is an intention behind it as opposed to posting for posting’s sake. Setting up a consistent social media schedule is always an excellent idea if you’re looking to gain a following, however on personal social media, when posting selfies it’s a good idea to follow the rule of intention, planning and execution. What are your favourite tips for selfies?

Renee Wardle


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