The Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid

The combination of acid + skin isn’t something that sounds all too appealing  as we usually associate the word acid with harsh burning and skin stripping . But when it comes to skincare, certain acids are exactly what your skin needs! Especially in the form of Hyaluronic Acid aka HA.

HA is a naturally occurring carbohydrate in our bodies. It provides our skin with moisture, plumpness, suppleness and firmness and is present in large amounts between skin cells.  The higher the level of HA in our skin the more youthful we appear to be. As we age, the HA in our bodies decreases.

There are two ways to restore the HA in our bodies. One way is through Hyaluronic dermal fillers which a trained professional can inject into your skin. These injections are long lasting, natural (provided you don’t go overboard  like a Hollywood starlet) and will pump up the areas where your face is sunken and where wrinkles have set in.  While HA dermal fillers are a fantastic long term solution to restoring your complexion and giving you back youthful, radiant, juicy plump skin, they are costly and maintenance is required to keep your face looking refreshed.

The other way to refresh and plump up your skin is to invest in a moisturiser than contains HA or an HA serum. While moisturisers and serums won’t give you an instantaneous boost like fillers or make as obvious an impact to your complexion, over the course of using these HA products every day, your skin will reap the benefits over time and will become smoother, softer and more hydrated.   Applying HA topically will improve skins elasticity and can help to reverse free-radical damage to the skin. 

Another bonus of HA is that it’s an ingredient that works for any skin type. From dry to oily and breakout prone skin, anyone can benefit from using HA based products. If you have drier skin pair an HA serum with your moisturiser. For those with oilier complexions just use the HA serum or HA moisturiser on its own.

As with any anti-aging ingredient they always work best when paired with other anti-aging fighting ingredients.  Adding Hyaluronic Acid to your skincare regime will help to boost the benefits of any  other anti-aging products that use, such as Vitamin C and Retinol over the long term as well.

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