The Best Beauty Trends of 2017

By Charlotte Gurtler

2017 is almost over, and the year has definitely had some unique beauty trends. While some of these trends should be left in 2017, some will undoubtedly inspire us for future years to come. There have been many iconic trends that have wowed the world this year, though it is unlikely that trends like feathered eyebrows will ever make a comeback.

From hair to skin, here are some of the best beauty trends of 2017!

Slicked back hair

Source: Flickr

Having slicked back hair is a very elegant hairstyle. Not only does it keep strands of hair out of your face, it also allows your natural beauty to shine. Many celebrities have donned this look at award shows and made the rest of us jealous because of their glowing facial features. This hairstyle should outlive the end of the year, as it reminds us not to hide our faces behind our hair!


Source: Pixabay

2017 seemed to bring out the need in everyone to start contouring. Was Kim Kardashian who influenced the craze? Whoever it was, they sparked an interest in bringing out the highlights on our faces and buying an excessive amount of beauty products that most of us don’t know what to do with.

Bleached buzzed cut

Source: Pexels

In 2017 there were several celebrities who chopped off their locks and bleached what they had left a bright blonde. From Katy Perry to Kristen Stewart, this look quickly spread its way through Hollywood. Although it may be passing trend, it is one that is strikingly chic and certainly won’t go unnoticed.

Bold eyeshadow

Source: Pixabay

Colourful, bold eyeshadow made a comeback in 2017 and it is a perfect look for going out to a fun party. Bright colours, such as pink, orange and yellow, were key to creating a makeup look that stopped people in their tracks. This makeup look is retro and timeless.

Matte skin

Source: Flickr

New foundations and powders have enabled a matte finish on your skin. Rather than a shine, matte products keeps your face looking smooth and without sheen. It is a new and interesting option for those who prefer a matte look, and should hopefully make it to 2018.

What do you think of these beauty trends? Do you think they are good enough for 2018, or should they stay in 2017?