Things You Need to Know Before Hiring a Mobile Makeup Artist

A mobile makeup artist is someone you’d want to have right where you need them to be so you can conveniently get that amazing beauty transformation without the fuss of having to schedule an appointment and go to a salon on a day when you want to literally just sit pretty. Whether you’re looking for a mobile makeup artist for your wedding or for any other special occasion, you need to make sure that you are hiring one who would make you look your most beautiful on that much awaited day. Here are a few things you need to know before choosing your MUA:

Get the One That Your Friends Have Already Tried and Tested

If you loved how the bride from the last wedding you attended looked like, then you might want to get the contact details of her makeup artist and book them for your special day. Don’t just rely on what appears from online search engine results. It is always best to get the one that has already been proven to create wonderful results. If you’re too shy to contact that friend or relative, you can just go to their social media account and search for clues. Most probably, they have tagged or mentioned that MUA on their posts.

Know What Look You Want to Achieve

You can’t just expect your mobile MUA to magically create the look you want to have without discussing with them exactly how you want to look on your special day. It will be nice to get some ideas from Pinterest or bridal magazines and show these to them. It’s okay not to be very detailed, you can simply let them know whether you want to achieve a soft natural look or a dramatic look.

Check Your Calendar Before You Book a Trial

Don’t waste your time and theirs. Before you book a trial, give the MUA the date you’d need them to be there for you to make sure of their availability. If you are booking them for your wedding date and would need them for the whole entourage and family members, you would need to confirm with them their ability to accommodate the number of bridesmaids and family members who will be needing their professional makeup services as well.

Check Out Their Portfolio

If you happen to not have any referrals and the only way you’re searching for a mobile MUA is online, be sure to check their portfolio. Their website should showcase their past clients and this would be useful in helping you decide whether you’d want to hire them or not. Also check their online client reviews. Most often, people would be very honest in recommending their MUAs online. You’d also know if the makeup artist is not so good from the comments that their past clients would leave.

Have a Good Talk with Your MUA

If you have sensitive skin and are concerned about certain types of makeup products, contact the mobile MUA and let them know. Most reputable makeup artists would offer a quick consult to test your skin for any allergic reactions to their products. This would be good to have before you commit to any MUA. You might also want to know how much they are charging. If they would charge you much less than most artists, then it is safe to assume that they might not be as good as you would want. If the MUA is charging way more than your budget permits, you can ask them to refer another MUA with a similar style, such as an assistant in their salon or someone that they have trained themselves.

There you have it. Be sure to take note of these things so you can be sure that come that special day, you would be looking your most beautiful!

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