Tips for Longer Lasting Foundation

By Abigail Jones

There’s nothing worse than coming home from a long day at work or a big night out to find that your carefully applied foundation is patchy in some places and completely non-existent in others. I think I can safely say that none of us relish in the idea of our makeup efforts going to waste because of foundation that refuses to stick! Well honey, Beautfinda is here to solve all of your foundation woes! Here are a few neat and nifty tips to make your foundation slay all day – and all night.

Prime time

As the saying goes, behind every flawless foundation application is a remarkable primer.  We may have made that saying up, but that doesn’t make it any less true! A great primer is the hidden gem of all long-lasting makeup looks.  Primers help to smoothen and even the skin to create a flawless base for foundation application. The perfect primer for your skin is often found through trial and error, and is a tricky cosmetic product to nail.  As a general rule, those with dry skin can benefit from a hydrating primer, that nourishes and moisturises the skin, while those with oily skin need to grab a mattifying primer that soaks up their skin’s excess moisture.

Less is more

It’s a common misconception that applying a great big layer of foundation to the face will not only help to cover up any blemishes, but also help to make it stick! Unfortunately, this method is not entirely effective.  Most of the time, when we apply too much foundation to our skin, it becomes creased in the lines on our face and can clump or flake away, leaving us with a cakey, crumbly disaster.  Try applying small amounts of foundation to your face, gradually building on it until you reach your ideal coverage.  It’s easy to add more foundation if you need it, but it’s much harder to wipe it away if you’ve applied too much!

Set it!

A great way to make sure your foundation sticks like glue to is to apply a setting powder.  Some people like to use setting powder all over, while others prefer to apply it in specific and strategic places – the choice is yours! Powders are a great way of absorbing moisture in the oily areas of the face, and can help to prevent your foundation from dripping or transferring. Powders can also tend to make dry skin even more flaky, so use it carefully!

Spritz it!

Unfortunately I’m not talking about the Aperol, or even the Campari kind, but feel free to sip a spritz during this step! This kind of spritz doesn’t contain any deliciously drinkable alcohol, but it does a damn good job at making that foundation stick.  Essentially, makeup setting spray is the hairspray of the face, and is made to prevent your foundation from creasing, fading or smudging. It’s is a fool-proof way of ensuring your hours in front of the mirror don’t go to waste. Spray away!

Hopefully these tips will help your foundation stick to you like bubblegum to a shoe – but this time you’ll actually want it to!