Top Secret (Faux) Tanning Tips

By Laura Dunkley-Price

After many years of being spray tanned and spray tanning, I now consider myself abit of an expert, these tips have become some of my go-to’s that have changed my tanning game. No tell tale tan hands & no post spray stickyness..

You know that look of orange tinged brows? Where it almost looks like a badly done old eyebrow tattoo?
Tan Tip #1: Vaseline quickly swiped over eyebrows right before a spray tan will eliminate this.

Another tell tale spray tan sign? Stained cuticles or yellowish tinged nails.
Tan Tip #2: A really quick, clear coat of nail polish the night before (the messier the better almost) as this will act as a barrier and no tan will develop through the polish and then after your tan, remove the nail polish and voila, beautiful clean nails and cuticles.

One of my favourites; let the formula develop on your lips.. it sounds weird I know but its the best ‘nude’ shade for your new skintone. Trust me on this!
Tan Tip #3: just lightly exfoliate your lips with your toothbrush prior to tan to allow the solution to stain your lips. A slick of clear gloss and you’re good to go!

My number one tip.. I almost dont want to share it, it’s so good..

The worst part (for me) about getting a spray tan is without a doubt, the stickyness afterwards.
Tan Tip #4: Buy a cheap really big powder brush, the bigger the better and dust some baby powder all over your body just before you get dressed after being sprayed. It changes nothing in regards to the colour or the longevity of your tan but it makes the walk back to your car, putting on a seat belt and the drive home sooo much more bearable!