Unspoken Side Effects of Getting your Makeup Done Professionally..

By Laura Dunkley-Price

You know when you’re looking back on a night out or a friends wedding and you think “god, next to all my girlfriends, I look like I barely have any makeup on” ?

Obviously we would all ideally like to look like Jennifer ‘I may or may not have woken up like this’ Hawkins but, it’s a fine line between just enhancing natural features and looking like you just jumped out of the shower, possibly forgot mascara and your ‘oh so natural lip balm’ is now so natural, it’s gone.

You look at the pictures of your girlfriends and they look defined and elegant, still themselves but just beautifully ‘done’.

I am this girl, I quite often think ‘I should go and get my makeup done’ and then it’s the day of & I’m tryng desperately to stick on a lash with glue all over my fingers before giving up and leaving, looking well, very natural (aka boring).

The side effects of actually booking through Beautifinda and getting my makeup done are endless, I now know the best shades to suit my eye colour, how to get my lip colour to last all day, what can cause flashback in photos and how different application methods can change the look of blush (it’s a game changer!).

*symptoms will last forever, please don’t phone a doctor, he won’t know how to deal with your new glow!