Wedding makeup trends– Interview with Belle Cift

Where are you based and what beauty services do your provide?

I’m a Sydney mobile makeup artist that travels within Sydney, outside of Sydney and interstate.

What is the background to setting up your business, and what’s your point of difference?

I come from a business background and never in my wildest dreams did I think I was going to become a makeup artist entrepreneur. Clients ask me how I got into makeup all the time and to be honest I fell into it in my early 30’s. Looking back I wouldn’t change a thing as it’s one of the most rewarding careers one can take.

My point of difference is that I work with all different skin tones from Indian, Australian,  Middle Eastern, Asian brides. We live in a diverse country so my skills are catered to all multicultural backgrounds and I love it!!!

 What’s your beauty philosophy?

No two people are alike. We all have our own  personal needs. We have to look at our faces and discover ourselves. Find one signature note one feature our eyes or lips and focus on that. Beauty and makeup is about self discovery and the image we want others to see. We have to sift through all the information about cosmetic products and beauty tips and find out what suits us and what we need.

 So my philosophy is to focus on our best features correcting what we can and ignoring what we can’t change without doing any harm or damage always be ready for evolution. Don’t get stuck in applying the same colours and looks all the time. Only follow trends if they look good on you. Good grooming can make you feel like a million dollars. There’s nothing more golden than a SMILE

 Everyone has their own distinctive standard of beauty and attractiveness. It’s important to find this and enhance it. So seek out your best features whether it’s your skin, bone structure, lips or eyes. Stick to products and a look that work on you don’t  just go with the latest trends.

 What’s trending in wedding makeup?

Bridal makeup trends have changed dramatically in the past few years. Among the trends are a bold lip and faux lashes. If you’re online, however, you’ll notice that Instagram and all of social media are saturated with the contouring and highlighting trend. This trend focuses on sculpting the facial features that are most flattering with the use of darker and lighter colours. When done incorrectly, contouring and highlighting can have a very plastered and unauthentic look. On the opposite side of the spectrum, there are many brides who love a classic, clean, and authentic look to their bridal makeup.

 A classic, clean face will always be on the forefront of makeup, but the upcoming trends suggest bold matte lip colours on a neutral face. Faux lashes aren’t going away anytime soon either! There absolutely stunning and really do complete the look

What’s your 1 hot beauty tip for clients around makeup on their wedding day?

My number 1 beauty tip  is about keeping very clean and natural using the simple steps; moisturise, moisturise, moisturise your skin. I can’t express how important this is. Keeping skin really fresh and drinking lots of water will keep your skin looking hydrated, healthy and flawless.  I’m very simple when it comes to that sort of stuff and I think it’s really important.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Listening to a guy with an accent talk. Oh my….talk about guilty pleasure.. I could listen to a guy with an accent all day long especially if it’s French or Spanish. I turn to mush. This is one guilty pleasure I don’t experience often but when I do I can’t get enough.

How do clients get in touch?

Clients  can get in touch directly  on 0415726120 or via email