Why Jaclyn Hill SLEIGHED this Christmas

By Marnie Cohen

Holiday season is a frantic time of year. Finalising work before everyone goes on break, braving the shopping centres in order to buy gifts for your loved ones, and perfecting your favourite gold-eyed, red gloss makeup look for Christmas lunch.

Leading up to all of our favourite festive seasons (Easter, Halloween and of course, Christmas) beauty gurus and makeup artists put together their favourite looks inspired by each holiday! Many of these looks are presented to us by our favourite Youtubers, and we are left gathered around our laptops in anticipation for inspiration to get our creative juices flowing.

Chloe Morello, Nikkie Tutorials, Patrick Starr, Manny MUA, Jeffree Starr, Shaanxo, Shani Grimmond, Lauren Curtis…. You name the YouTuber, and we can guarantee they have posted a Holiday Season tutorial (or ten).

Despite the busy time of year, one Youtuber has remained slightly quieter than the rest. With over 3 MILLION subscribers and many adoring fans around the world, Jaclyn Hill is one of the queens of Youtube. Sharing her love for makeup and beauty through videos, her channel has become a one-stop-shop for all your beautifying needs.

However, over the month of November, Jaclyn took a noticeable break from Youtube, leaving a hole in the online beauty community, and keeping many wondering just where she had gone.

As weeks went by, the 26 year olds’ absence became more obvious, but at the beginning of December, the queen made her come back through a chit chat video. Jaclyn opened up about her absence, explaining to viewers that her husband Jon had suffered from a seizure – a frightening time in the couple’s lives. This triggered a break from Youtube, and re-shifting her focus on those close to her; family and friends.

Despite her month-long absence, Jaclyn is back with a bang. Her new videos a better than ever, and she’s even thrown in a sneaky copper smoky eye look for the Festive frenzy.

So, within all of the make up tutorials and gift guides leading into Christmas, Jaclyn Hill has left us with the most important message of all. The best accessory, and the best gift you can have this Christmas is the love and support from those around you.

Embrace your family and friends during the Holiday season, and onwards into 2017.