Why You Should Book a Bridal Beauty Trial

By Britt Cunningham

Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life, and you deserve to feel beautiful and confident. Many brides have a vague idea of how they envisage their hair and makeup for the big day, but are unsure if the look can be achieved, or if it will even suit them. A large amount of stress can be eliminated by trialing your big-day beauty look in advance. Georgia from Georgia Walsh Makeup understands how beneficial booking a trial appointment is, and is here to share her top reasons why you should book yours on BeautiFinda today.

Get to Know Your Artist

It is vital that the artist you choose really gets you, and can help you achieve your vision. A trial appointment is the perfect opportunity to get to know each other, ensure you are on the same page regarding your beauty look, and become comfortable with the artist who will be playing a big role on the day. Georgia believes ‘it’s vital to make sure the artist can deliver the look you want’ before the event, and will ensure you have complete confidence that they can fulfill your vision.

You Can Try A Range of Styles in Advance

Some brides know the exact beauty look they are after…and others really aren’t sure. Trial appointments ‘allow you to play around with glamorous or natural looks, or finally find out how the perfect winged eye looks on you,’ says Georgia.

Have Complete Confidence in the Final Look

Many brides have a particular idea of their bridal beauty look, inspired by Pinterest and Instagram searches. However, while a certain style may seem stunning online, for various reasons, it may not suit your colouring, facial structure or personality. Physically trialing these ideas in advance will allow you to eliminate any that don’t suit you, or reflect your vision for the day. This ensures that come your big day, you’ve chosen the look that makes you feel incredible.

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Relieve Beauty-based Stress

With the entire look locked down, and both the artist and bride confident that it can be achieved, there is no need for beauty-based wedding day stress. Georgia emphasizes that this ‘allows the artist to work calmly and quickly, with little room for mistakes or need for changes.’ The rest of your pre-event preparation can be spent relaxing, enjoying time with your girls and gearing up!

Trial How the Look Will Last

The actual wedding day will be long. Many brides are concerned about how their hair and makeup will hold up from the early hours right through until the final goodbye that night. A trial appointment will allow both you and your artist to discover how well the look lasts for you personally. ‘If your skin tends to get oily, a trial will allow the artist to discover that before the big day, and implement techniques to help your makeup last,’ explains Georgia. Trialing both hair and makeup for a full day will give the artist time to make any adjustments, ensuring your look lasts on the big day.

A trial appointment to discover your perfect bridal look will ensure you feel amazing on your big day. You will have confidence in both your artist and chosen style, and can focus on the more memorable aspects of your wedding, knowing that your artist can bring your vision to life.

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